Healing M.S.
Our mission in life is to enjoy good health and  overcome all illnesses. This is fulfilled by enabling the body to heal itself by providing it the necessary tools and perfect environment. In sharing my story and method of healing—I hope to serve as an inspiration for you to find your own.  "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime."                                 — Lao Tzu, Founder of Taoism  I am, Paula Marie Jackson—welcome to my website, {www.HealingMS.Info}.   I am delighted to share with you the story of my miraculous healing and permanent remission from Multiple Sclerosis.   On February 5th, 1999 I started losing my vision—I started seeing kaleidoscopic images!! A few days later, my neurologist noted that the symptoms were indicative of a brain tumor. Due to the severity of my condition it was concluded that I'm on the last leg of my life and was given six months to live.  In the following two weeks my condition deteriorated rapidly—at first, I suffered loss of hearing, sexual stimuli, and balance. Then, a paralyzing numbness took over both my legs and I began experiencing regular seizure tremors. The debilitating fatigue and incontinence kept me bedridden for an average of 18 hours a day.   The doctors declared my condition inoperable and incurable. I opted to explore my metaphysical roots and sought solutions beyond the then known boundaries of medical science.  Exactly a year later, my symptoms had reversed to such a degree as to offer me a chance to enjoy a skiing trip in the Swiss Alps. I am blessed today with this wonderful life and opportunity to share my journey to recovery and the metaphysical wisdom that made this possible.  I pray and wish—this will free you too from your illnesses and enable you to live a healthy and fulfilling life.  FOLLOW THE HEALING SPIRAL DNA RENEWAL Light Therapy to saturate your DNA for healing and sustainable remission HYPNOTIC DISSOLUTION Dissolve disease by eliminating the root subconscious thoughts and beliefs IMMUNOLOGY REGIMEN Enabling your body to heal through a unique formula of vitamins, minerals, diet, and exercise PERPETUAL ANCHORING Anchoring of thought patterns (beliefs) that perpetuate long term wellness and access the key to master them  “If I made the right choice I would have a story to tell and truth to share. If I made the wrong choice I would be facing death or live bound to a wheelchair.” Read the Natural Healer article  Preview The Alchemy of Love & Light--The Essential Book of Healing Affirmations--by, Paula Marie Jackson  DISCLAIMER: This website documents and shares the story of Paula Marie Jackson’s metaphysical healing and permanent remission from Multiple Sclerosis. Readers with similar medical conditions are advised to use personal discretion and are further encouraged to seek expert medical advice.

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